How do you fancy meeting some heroic clans

posted on 23 Jul 2013 09:45 by abaogamegood

Going to 54 currently 44 come one come all get some runes for yourself or sell and make cash best method is taking fairy ring to / from zanaris(lost city) {requires completion of fairy tale part 1 and some of 2} / Abyss Note:sell diablo 3 goldThis is dangerous i will not be held responsible for any loss of esscence runes gp or armor lost

  Clan Avatar Showcase!How do you fancy meeting some heroic clans? What about meeting them in their citadels? How’d you feel about parading with their avatars and getting stuck into some 100% safe clan events? If you answered anything slightly resembling “YES!” to any of the above, you’ll definitely want to attend the Clan Avatar Showcase! Take the most exciting screenshots you can at the events, send them to  and we’ll display our favourites on our official Facebook page. Head over to our official thread for full details on specific events and which clan will be hosting them.
Combat Beta – Weekend Members AccessWe’re opening up all the combat beta worlds this weekend to members and the combat beta group, so now’s the chance to try out all the available activities and let us know what you think! For more organised beta activity, head on over to Stealing Creation.For those who missed previous Mad Scientist unlock weekends, we will be hosting a fifth unlock weekend soon, and will be giving out the Mad Scientist Outfit to those who have earned it shortly thereafter in mid-September.

Maintaining a balance between improving skills

posted on 22 Jul 2013 12:31 by abaogamegood

  Maintaining a balance between improving skills and increasing wealth is a tricky business, so you’ll want to try your hand at bagging a brand new item that lets you do both,sell runescape gold only available on Squeal of Fortune this weekend.Train almost any skill while wearing Samid’s gloves, and every time you gain any amount of XP there’s a chance that the gloves will produce gold out of thin air! The more you level your skills, the more money you’ll make.Samid’s gloves are on the wheel and up for grabs from Friday 5th April 00:00 BST until Monday 8th April 23:59 BST. Use them while you can, because these magical gloves will lose their charge on Monday 6th May.You can purchase spins here, or by clicking ‘Add Spins’ in the Squeal of Fortune interface. Don’t forget that members get two daily spins instead of one!

 The Slayer Tower was revamped a few weeks back and - combined with this week’s Squeal of Fortune release - there’s never been a better time to dive into game and start slaying!Five new masks have arrived on the Squeal of Fortune, each themed around a specific Slayer monster (crawling hands, cockatrices, basilisks, kurasks and abyssal demons).Equip a mask and attack the creature it’s based on and you’ll find your combat stats are optimised for victory, damage is boosted (if you're on a related Slayer task), and extra Slayer XP is earned!
Improvements to the roofs, trees and ruins, as well as new lighting effects and visual props, have given the town a great new look and feel:buy guild wars 2 gold--------------------------------------------------------------------------------These improvements, along with the Draynor Village overhaul released earlier in the year, are just a first taste of the improvements we have planned for RuneScape’s graphics. We are aiming to enhance the medieval fantasy theme of the game, and upcoming engine fixes will allow us to fulfil the graphical potential of RuneScape. - Mod GFX--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Audio ImprovementsWe’ve also improved the majority of the Magic spell sound effects, including those for elemental spells, spells from the normal spell book and the Ancient Magick spells. There are also a new set of Agility course sound effects, making use of sampled sounds. Along with this come a range of ambient sounds and effects for many areas throughout the game, including the Morytania swamp, Misthalin and Asgarnia, making for a more immersive game experience.

  How many of you have been grinding a boring skill that made you the money you needed to continue skilling or access new quests and gear? Well, I think that is why we all play the game. The addicting part of this world I've been a part of for all these years. Bots have been there since the very beginning. From the first Auto-Miner that just clicked the same spot at ridiculous speeds to the more advanced ones that can log you in or out. How consitent, ever changing they've become. Jagex continues to fight all forms of bots....Don't they?     
Is it more important for Jagex to have a stable online ecomony or a real one? I've been asking myself and others this question recently. What is the difference between a free server bot and a member bot? Jagex gets paid. Well I'm not sure if this is how Jagex sees the situation but as they continue to tell me 'We have advanced technology that lets us know if you are using a bot or not', I wonder why I still see bots roaming this bot free game.